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There are many companies which provide the services of free website hosting and domain names in the online market today. A free website hosting and domain is one of the best options when you want to create a presence in the online market. Advantage is that you don?t have to invest any money in it. Many new users have a question always running in their mind as – how to host a website? There are many answers on how to host a website. One of the ways is by hunting for the companies that provide free hosting. Other way is to create a free website using online services that offers free web hosting. The top free web hosting today in the market are:, etc.

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A top free web hosting service providers must always provide the following qualities:

  • There shouldn?t be any charges for building your website. It should be absolutely free and easy to use. It must involve only your time to be spent on it. You can also learn lot of new things from it and you can fiddle with all the new features as to how it works.
  • Users must always be able to build unlimited websites without spending a single penny on it. Example: WordPress.

If you need to set up a professional business in online then you have to register and as well as host your own domain. is one such service provider which gives you a free domain name and as well as hosting but it must include the word ?WordPress? in the domain name, Example: online business must always have a professional email address that reflects back on the domain name which you possess. A disadvantage behind free website hosting is that sometimes suddenly they start to charge a fee or they get disappeared with their services and hence you will lose your domain name too. So always check for a proper service provider who is trust worthy. Some free hosts provide limited support of technicians as they do not have much money to hire technical experts and hence it will become a problem when you don?t receive any technical help when you are in need. Some of the companies provide you with advertisements on your website which can irritate the visitors visiting your website. The web pages on your website need to be optimized so that it attracts the visitors. To do so you need to create meta-tags, file names, header tags, image descriptions, links etc. All theses can increase the traffic on your site.

The working of domain name is very simple. When a user types the domain name on the search box, the control finds which server on internet has the website. Then the domain name is changed to set of numbers related to the respective machine. The ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) registers every domain. After this process it checks if the website is available or not. In order to register your domain name you will have to enter your name and address and then you can also choose a website host provider. Now you can start creating the web pages and email id for your domain name.

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