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Website online building is becoming very popular among people nowadays. It doesn?t require any coding and it neither requires a tech expert. It saves your time, money and energy by providing some pre defined features like: RSS feeds, forums, password security for authorized persons etc. A website builder allows a person to create professional good looking website without having behind and computer knowledge because it is user friendly and uses the concept of ?drag and drop?. You can choose your templates and themes based on your content or information you are going to provide to the users. It is always essential to go through the website builder reviews before building a website. Certain providers always possess high ratings for their services and their website builder reviews are always good and hence it is smart and wise to choose the best by going through reviews. There are even open source website builder today in the market. An ?open source? is a tool where a person has the rights to modify the code and they are available in internet for free where users can download it for free.

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There are also few sites which provide free web page builder software with good looking designs and some built in features with it. ?Weebly? is one such free web page builder that allows a user to build websites of their own easily. There are nearly 6 million users registered to build free websites from weebly since it is easy, provides good looking designs, free of cost, saves time and energy. Some of the free features are as follows:

  • Enhanced Audio Player
  • Video Player (through which you can play you can access to videos of you tube)
  • Inserting PDF documents in your website
  • Limit of file size has been increased
  • Allowing users to upload their files on your site

An open source website builder can be customized which is a big time benefit for any individual. They are completely free of cost and quality is the best as it involves lots of new features and there are new updates for user?s convenience. It is also more secured and it allows quick implementation. Another advantage is that you can learn lot of new things from open source software. Nearly 18 million of the publishers today are using software like: WordPress and many are downloading it still each day. It is one of the most popular software used worldwide and reason behind is are as follows:

User friendly: Easy to access and install and has got built in features like trackbacks, ping back, RSS feeds and profiles of multiple bloggers which makes your website to be promoted.

Designer friendly: It provides lots of pretty looking themes which can be chose based upon your information.

Developer friendly: It can be easily customized and has over 6000 free plug-ins which functions exactly how a web developer designs a website. The AdSense maximizes the value of placing the advertisements in your website. The popularity contest is a plug-in which allows you to monitor the pages on your website which are most famous or getting popular.



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