Creating a Website – Free Webhost or Paid Webhost?

Once you are done with purchasing the domain name and creating your own website it’s time to bring your website up in the public internet so everyone can see it from everywhere. Today, there are lots of free unlimited web hosting. Some people used to think to find out a free hosting no ads so as their visitors will not get distractions while reading their website. If you are one among them you need to learn a little when acquiring a free web hosting area or paid hosting area.


Let’s discuss both advantages as well as disadvantages of both

Merits of free webhost

You don’t need to spend even a penny. There is no need to pay monthly or yearly charges. You can even upload quite number of images and videos to your website.

  • These Free space providers offers a user-friendly environment.
  • You don’t need to spend money only time. If you are a new bee spending much time to learn the things will not be the most hectic one. So you wouldn’t have a feel like you are just wasting your money.

Disadvantages of free webhost

  • When you go for a free web hosting area they won?t provide you much space. So hosting a large website with so many colorful images and videos will not be possible. You can?t have multiple pages with images though.
  • Their terms & conditions will be like you should allow them to place their advertisements and banners on your website. Hope you now know how they afford to provide you the free space. So as you can see the case of “Free hosting no ads” is merely not possible.
  • Even if they exist you have to find them.
  • If you want to enjoy a free service you should append their name with your unique name of domain. Like If you create a business website in this way your client may come to a conclusion that your business is not very successful so you are not capable of having your own paid website. So they might turn their business with someone else.
  • You have no way of using your own format and designs for your website. You should choose the one which is available in their template.
  • You can’t even use the platform like WordPress for your website.

Now let’s see the advantages of paid hosting service

  • When you choose to use a paid hosting service you don’t need to append their name with your website domain name. So it will remain unique. In address bar you will find only your domain name.
  • Your website will not go down that easily. Best web host offer 99.9% of the uptime.
  • You can get email and telephonic assistance for all round the clock.
  • You can get large amount of disk space so that you can upload any number of videos and images.
  • You are free to use your desired design software.

Finally the best choice of using the paid or free service is purely depends on the stage you are in the online business. If you are a beginner you can just start with the free web host and slowly move on to the paid web host to enjoy the full flexibility.

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