Best Website Building Software

Most of the companies and people use web building software for creating websites. The web building software lets you to generate a very inexpensive and professional looking website. There are many advantages of using website building software which are listed below:

  • There is no need to have computer code knowledge because the web building software provides you with coding conventions. Hence whatever you type into the program, it will be instantly coded for the user.
  • It is user friendly because it uses the concept of ?drag and drop? and “WYSIWYG”. This concept makes designing very easy. You will just have to drag an object from a location to other or where ever you need. “WYSIWYG” is the acronym of ?What you see is what you get?. This allows you to design your site in the same format when it is published on the internet.
  • It is cost effective as in it will cost very less. Sometimes websites building can cost you high because it involves a technical web designer to develop your website. You need to hire a person for it and pay him or her.
  • You will have all the rights to control and make changes in the website in the way you want to. You are free to introduce the product to the world, write your content, upload videos etc. Making changes means modifying content, links, graphics etc. Doing these changes on your own without a technical support can help you save money and time


There are many website building software in the online market available today. Some of the best website builder software is as follows:

  • Bluevoda Website Builder: This is absolutely free website builder. It comes with enormous amount of pre designed templates which are very simple to use. It also uses the concept of ?drag and drop? and hence making it user friendly. Currently there are nearly 3 million people who are using this website builder. But the disadvantage is that it runs only on windows platform. It cannot be used on Mac.
  • Site Rubix Website Creator: This is one among the best website builder software. It is adaptable and as well as user friendly. It has benefits like menus with dynamic drag, built in FTP (File Transfer Protocol), instant tool for screen shot, massive built in templates, Swapping the banner and template, multimedia support like videos, audios, high definition images etc. The best benefit is that it can be used on both Windows and Mac.
  • Xsite Pro Webdesigner Software: They are one of the top builders and charge for what they provide it to you. They charge you with $200. But the advantage of using this is that it built with internet marketer?s need. It also has a feature of instant SEO (Search Engine Optimization) checker. It has a unique feature of analyzing your website automatically and produces suggestion of getting listed in the search engines. It also has of lots and lots templates from where you can choose the exact one which you need. It also has an in built automatic site map creation feature which is a big time benefit for internet marketers. But the disadvantage is that, it can be used only on a windows based platform.
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