Best Free Online Business Website Builders

Today the internet world relies fully upon ?Websites?. It is hard to imagine internet without websites and web pages. They are the main reason that internet has gone so popular. With the enhanced multimedia features, designs and themes websites can be made to look good. There are lots of free online website builder in the market today but you have to think wise and choose the perfect among the best website builders. Once you have chosen the best free website hosting company, you can start looking for website creators. The tool which allows you to design a website with ease and without putting much effort is the ?Website Builders?. With the help of it you can design a website on your own without the need of a web designer. The website builders can be categorized into 2 types:

  • With the help of online tools, create a private website for your own.
  • Using website builder tool develop the website on your laptop or PC and then later upload on the server.

laptop connected to a cloud network

These are the best website builders in the online market today, and apart from being best they are free online website builder:

Google sites: Obviously everyone knows ?Google?. It is the giant in the internet world and it has become a part in our day to day lives. Without Google it is hard to find anything. It provides lot of free tools for building websites. Its service is completely easy to access and creating templates, looks, layouts are based on the concept of drag and drop. It also provides you enormous tool for your websites to look professional. You can create your website in minutes. It contains more than 300 templates and user friendly editors. It allows you to add pictures, videos, text, widgets etc. Apart from these you can also change the font size, colors, create tables etc. It also allows you to create a web store with the help of Google check out or PayPal for the process of payment.

Wix: It is one of the unique service providers because it lets you to create flash websites. It is also user friendly as it uses the concept of ?drag and drop?. If you want to add flash content for your website then Wix is the perfect choice.

There are even free business website builder in the market which are best suited for business. Sometimes it is hard to find a free business website builder as there are many in the online market. There are lot of advantages and disadvantages on building a free website for your business.


Free Design so that user can choose a perfect template from many.

Facility to add videos, pictures etc.

Provide professional look to the website because the users can get attracted easily.

There is no cost for hosting the website since it is free.


There can be limited designs sometimes.

There are no secured transactions for cash.

Sometimes you cannot use your own website name

There will be lots of advertisements popping up when a visitor visits your website which are irritating and can make the user to switch over another website.It is always better to choose a genuine, trust worthy and reputed free website builders.

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